Thinking of a new fence?  Look no further for quality Cedar Fence Installations!

Eagle Fencing Limited has the longest standard warranty than any competitor. Our service is  “A Grade  Above.”  Our premium fence panels feature a 2×6 pressure treated kick board and 3/4″ tongue and groove panels.

Cedar Fence Installation.
Our Cedar Fence installers are among the rarest in the province. Our installation team knows what they’re doing;  they removed and installed a record of 450 feet of fencing in a single day! Whether you require general pre-fabricated panels or the most elaborate architecturally designed fencing, they have the know how to get any job done right. Backed by our 2-year Limited Warranty, you have the peace of mind that everything will be done right the first time.

Outdoor Wooden Deck Installation

Eagle Cedar selects its decking specialists  for their installation expertise.  They are happy to work with our customers to ensure their project comes together perfectly. Whether it’s a single step outside under the over hang of your house or a full yard-length deck for entertaining, we ensure the highest quality and design that will impress both you and your guests. Let our team create something special for your property that not only brings out the best in your space but goes beyond the ordinary to provide you with the yard of your dreams.

Staining Services

Our team of staining experts have the expertise and knowledge to help you add colour to any project. Whether it’s an oil-based stain or a solid custom selected paint, our representative will advise you on which would look most appealing and the benefits and disadvantages of your selection, to find the best fit for your specific needs. Our state of the art, indoor pre-staining warehouse is specifically designed for the job, meaning your material is weatherproofed before it even reaches your door. Our most recommended choice of stain would definitely be Superdeck’s 1901 Cedar Clear Coat. We advise this stain because it is the most manageable choice, most easily maintained, and has the fastest application time. We strongly suggest getting your fence pre-stained by our team before installation; it increases the life of your fence and extends our limited warranty by an extra year!